Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A tough century July 5 2010

Today's ride started from the camp site which was located about half way between Jackson and Jackson Village, which is where the ski hill is. If you followed the prescribed ride you turned left and rode through Jackson, that route turned out to be 103 miles. If you turned right and rode though the ski village you could cut 7 miles off the route. I choose to follow the prescribed route as that was where the support was and it would make my century. The first fifty miles was flat and took us out through Teton National Park. It was beautiful riding along with the Grand Tetons on our left side. At the 20 mile mark I saw a moose grazing on young willows beside the river. I rode right up to him and was within 20 feet. His antlers were still in the velvet. What a great sight! At this point there was a bike path through the park so I jumped on it and rode it all the way to Jenny Lake. I stopped in the visitors center and read about how the Tetons were formed by geological uplift hundreds on millions of years ago and how Jenny Lake is a remnant of the last ice age. I found a National Parks bronze medallion in the visitor center. Major bling! Lunch was at the base of the big climb to day. I wasn't making any mistakes about food and filled up with lots of great food before tackling the 19 mile climb. It wasn't as steep as the Teton pass but had more altitude gain. I think some one said it was over 4000 feet. The last four miles before the summit were this really rough gravel road which rattled your teeth out. I don't think that anyone enjoyed that part of the ride. After the summit there was still 30 miles to go however it was all down hill and not too steep so it was and easy roll into Dubois. Today was the first day where we had a tail wind and it sure did help having it push us in. I signed in 7th over all today and 2nd of the coast to coast riders. However as all of the riders who had signed in before me took the cut off, so I am claiming a first.
Supper was in the Donut Cafe in Dubois and was grilled salmon which was excellent. At the rider meeting tonight we learned that one of the coast to coast riders crashed to day and broke her arm. Very sad and I really hate to see anyone crash out of this great experience.
Tomorrow's ride is 83 miles and is all down hill however it looks like we will have head winds again. As of right now we have rode miles 1183, so tomorrow will take us below 3000 miles to go.
I have no internet so I will post this tomorrow.


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