Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Day in Northfield MN

The fame of Northfield comes from the so called Northfield Raid of 1876 by the James -Cole-Younger gang. These famous gangs rode north to hit the First National Bank in Northfield. This robbery was a total failure and two of the gang members were killed out right in the robbery. However it did trigger the largest man hunt in American history at that time. Eventually the James brothers were captured and spent 25 years in prison. There is a very nice museum in the very bank which the robbery took place. There have been several movies about the exploits on the James gang.

The day off started by sleeping until 7:30 Am when I finally crawled out and put my running gear on and ran for 45 minutes. It was really nice to stretch out my legs and being a Sunday morning I had the streets to myself. It was perfect running, nice and cool with a wonderful view along the river. I had a very nice 45 minute run covering almost 4 miles. After a quick shower and then some internet action it was time for the luxury of a nap. My tent is pitched under a huge tree so I have lots of shade and the breeze was blowing though the flaps. The birds were singing in the tree and all was perfect with the world. I was asleep within 5 seconds. In the afternoon I jumped on my bike and cruised the town. It has a very pretty setting right on the river. It looks like you can pick up a 1900's Victorian home approximately 2000 sqft in totally restored condition for around $160,000. Not bad.

Supper tonight was in theEast Indian Chapati restaurant in the Achibald House which is a historic inn of the 1880's vintage. The aroma was to die for. I knew we were in for a huge treat and just happened to be standing right in front of the door when they annouced dinner was on. One taste and I went on total vacum. Sorry for the oil field jargon but that is the only way to discribe the situation. Three plate fulls later I hit the Gulab Jamun. The Gulab Jamun was the best I have ever tasted. Not to sweet but the honey taste! WOW!

A few weeks ago Brian organized jerseys for us and they are in. They look spectaular. As we are visiting the world head quarters of Cycle America we are going to wear the jerseys.

Tomorrow is a ride day so time to sign off.

Let's Ride!


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karenk said...

Great Posts Terry, really enjoying them. Sorry we keep missing you on facebook, one of these days we will connect. Ride on!