Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spam Posts

This is so aggravating. My blog has been hit by spamers so many times in the last few days. In these attacks the spammer leaves a posting in the comment section of the blog, which contains a link to another site or sites. Most of these links appear to be for male enhancement, porno, free software, or some such non-sense. Yesterday I was reading that something like 90% of these type of links posted by spamers were links to sites containing viruses. What is wrong with these people? What are they trying to accomplish? I do not have any secret information. I do not have anything worth stealing.

I really appreciate getting comments. It is so helpful knowing what you think and knowing that somebody reads this stuff. Regrettably I have had to change my site to help protect it against spamers and hopefully help protect you who are reading my blog. When you leave me a comment, you will now have to enter a verification word. Sorry. Then your comment will not be posted but will be e-mailed to me directly. If it is a spam comment then it will be deleted. If it is a real comment then it will be posted. I promise that I will post every real comment sent to me. Only spam will be deleted. I had thought that in stead of allowing comments I would put a link to my Facebook page but then not everyone has a Facebook page. So the comments are still allowed.

So regrettably I have had to take these steps. However it will help short circuit the spam.

Thank you for your understanding.