Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Granny Gets a Rest July 21

To day was a short day at only 58 miles. The "as" billed elevation was only 1000 feet so things were pretty flat. The planned route took us almost due north for the entire day. With no climbs and a slight tail wind my granny gear never got used. In fact I think that the center ring only got less than a mile.
At the 19 mile mark which was the first water we stopped at this old folks home. It was a very nice home. They had a bird cage in the front of the lobby which had a lot of interesting birds. I don't know much about birds other than to say that these were not budgies. We visited for a while with the residents before getting on our bikes and heading off to picnic. Picnic was in a little park along the way. It was especially good to day as Shuli had made gazpacho soup. I just love gazpacho soup so I sucked down a bunch a long with a bunch of fresh fruit.

There had been a huge rain storm a few days before so the planned route was closed because the water had flooded across the road. I understand that the place where it was across the road was only a few hundred feet and a few inches deep. However I rode to the detour which took the riders over to a main road. You could have come back to the side road about 5 miles down the road but I couldn't see the value in riding back 10 miles to gain only 10 miles less of the main road. The main road a had a great shoulder, and there was hardly any traffic so I just stayed on the main road into town. The main boulevard into town had huge flower beds of petunias along both sides. They were very beautiful. The maintenance must be huge on such long flower beds.
The country side has changed from wheat fields which almost no trees to an area where there are trees. It has been interesting how quickly the area has gone from dry wheat land to a much softer grass land which a lot more trees in the corners of fields and around the homes. Some one said it was boring but I thought it interesting.
So now the never ending hunt for wifi begins. Actually the school left two computers out for us to use however, blogs are blocked as they are a public forum, likewise Facebook is blocked as it is a public forum and so is e-mail at Msn and Yahoo. Luck is with me as I find a public libary a few blocks away.


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Jim said...

Half way! Congrats. I must say your northern route has been more dramatic than our central route. I'll be interested in seeing how the second half compaires...trees and flat. You look like you're holding up well. Way to go.

We're in the land of Dorothy where it is hot and windy. Will be off to Iowa in a few days.