Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July From Jackson

A Wonderful Day in Jackson Wyoming

July 4th is a our day off and what better place to have a day off than in Jackson Wyoming.

To recap last night we went up to Teton Ski Village where they were having fireworks. The ski village is beautiful. We were amazed at the beauty of the place. The on the hill ski condos start at around $2.5 million and go up. The fireworks display was absolutely great. They went on for twenty minutes. It was one of the best displays that I have seen. We missed the bus and would have had to wait for an hour and a half for the next one but a taxi appeared out of nowhere and we got it. So we were home in 15 minutes. It was great.

This morning I slept late and had a long lazy shower before heading into Jackson. Once in town I wandered the town. Jackson is a resort town and is filled with upscale art galleries and other upscale retail shops. So I made a circuit of the art galleries which are 95% Western art. There was lots of life size bronzes of every thing from Indian hunters, to full size grizzly bears and elk. of course there was lots of paintings of animals and cowboys. I really enjoyed looking though the galleries. The 4th of July parade came down main street so I stopped and watched it. The parade was really fun as everybody with an antique car or truck was in it. There weren't a lot of bands but there were a lot of horses. I guess that is to be expected as Jackson bills its self as a rodeo town, and there are a lot of ranches around the area. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is quite famous as it has saddles for bar stools. I enjoyed a late lunch of a burger and a beer on a patio before catching the bus back to the campground. In one of real estate boxes was a book which highlighted the local real estate. It doesn't look like Jackson has had any problems as the houses in the book were at least $750k for a modest 1200 sq ft home. Add a view and the price is $1.5 million.

Well I better get moving as I still have to clean my bike and repack my bag.

Tomorrow we ride!



Agnes said...

Just caught up with your blog. Love the pictures you have posted over the last week. Having crossed the divide the worst climbing should be over . . . Sounds like you are having a good time despite the rain and the wind, have fun.


Ken C. said...

Terry, sounds like you had a nice day off. Hope you saddled up at the Cowboy Bar. Keep up the good work and enjoy week three.

Jim said...

Happy July 4th! Jackson Hole is an all American city, so you should have been surrounded by cowboy patriots. You probably bumped into some celeberties I recall, Harrison Ford lives there.

I see your mornings are cold and days warm, like Colorado. Your third week should be down hill. I know you have more spectacular country ahead. You guys are haveing an easier time than TDF.