Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sparta to Elroy Bike Path July 28

There is only one way to describe to days ride and that is WOW! Today we rode down the Sparta to Elroy bike path, and the Wisconsin 400 path. These two paths are really one path and are part of the rails to trails network of bike paths. The line was laid in 1873 and consists of 55 miles of bike path. It has a packed limestone surface which adds some interest to the path. There are three tunnels the longest is 3875 feet and the shortest just over 1100 feet. It had rained last night so the path was damp and the dust was kept down. However there were a few slippery spots especially where there was a lot of trees.

The first tunnel we encountered was the longest, and you have to dismount and walk the tunnel because you cannot see the exit and it is very disorienting and you would slam into a wall. The tunnel is not lined so it was pretty wet. There was lots of water dripping though. Ed and I had bought wooden train whistles and had a lot of fun blowing the whistles. Everyone had their head lamps on and it was really quite a sight. I took a lot of pictures and am posting some of the tunnel entrances.
The path itself was either a flat or a a very low grade so riding was easy. However because it is not paved you had to pedal constantly, otherwise your bike came to a stop because of the unpaved surface. So after 55 miles my legs were ready for picnic. I must say that is was very beautiful and peaceful. I just loved gliding though the tree lined path. There were no Harley's roaring in your ears. No semi's hammering down on you. It was great!

After picnic it was only 20 miles in to camp so it was an easy ride. Glen and I rode along together. The route was a lot of fun as it was gently rolling with lots of left and right turns. The rain has cooled it down and the humidity has slacked off so it was a perfect ride to finish the day.
Lets Ride!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day, wow.


Fran Z said...

Hi Terry

Been following your blog - great stories! Especially enjoyed today's photos - looks like an awesome area to be in. The 'alien' tunnel pic is very cool!

I was reminiscing a bit when you were riding through Wyoming and South Dakota - we travelled that area a few years ago with the boys. Can't imagine riding my bike through there!

Safe and happy trails to you!

Ken C. said...

Terry, just catching up with your blog after a couple of days away. Sounds like you are enjoying a mixed bag of easy and hard days, but all great days. I have heard of people running into hot cows in cool tunnels, so another reason to walk through. Thanks for the blog and the great pictures.