Friday, July 30, 2010

Back Roads = Amazing July 30

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Maybe it was because we only rode 60 miles, and I wasn't tired. Maybe because I was kind of home sick. Never the less it was 1:30Am when I last looked at the alarm clock. So when the alarm went off at 5:20 AM, I felt like heck. I had admonished Greg the other day for looking tired. Then I show up feeling like I had been dragged through a knot hole. On top of that Patrick has decided to sag because he is tired.

Well I am not going to sag and so it is off to breakfast and I am just going to roll it. It is only 68 miles and the weather is beautiful. Besides I can burn the candle a little as tomorrow is the last day before day off and it is a short ride day. Off I go just cruising a long and taking my time. At the 8 mile mark we hit the spot where we are to take this bike path but it really isn't a bike path it is a ski-doo path. I ride it for about 3 miles and it gets too rough so it is back to the highway.

A few more turns here and there, some lefts and some rights and then it hits me. We have ridden 3000 miles across America and have been on nothing but country roads. Sure there have been a few spots here and there. Five miles here, ten there and so on but I would bet it wouldn't add up to more than a couple of hundred miles. Miles go by with out a semi-trailer passing or a loud Harley blowing your ears out. Things got a lot better with this thought, I stopped took some pictures, rode past the Horicon Marsh, took some open road pictures, took some rider pictures, and rolled into picnic. At picnic I did my usual thing which was to vacuum up as much fresh fruit as possible and then roll. Hey only 20 miles to go! Wow! Things are looking pretty good.
I cruised into town and there is a crowd of riders sitting on the sidewalk, and they tell me the school where we are camped is not ready. So I went into the corner gas station and grabbed a 24 oz can on beer and sat down on a park bench. It was cold and tasted great. The school thing was sorted out and everything is great.

We have wifi in the school and I sign on to find that Agnes has gotten Skype working at home so we talk for 45 minutes. Unfortunately Blogspot is blocked so I have to go through my office to post the blog. which means I will have to email the pictures to work. and then post them from there. So I will do it later. Job done!

What a great day!



Ken C. said...

Terry, a good bike ride cures most ailments, including a too-short sleep. Beer sounds good; I'm going to get myself one right now!! It's the start of the August long weekend here. Yahoo. Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work.

Bruce W said...

Hey Terry,
3,000 miles is quite an accomplishment - I've never even driven that far before! Sounds like you are having a great time - enjoy that beer at the end of the day. We have been having an awesome summer - keep up the good work!