Monday, July 26, 2010

A Fun Day Into Wisconsin July 26

To day we had what is called an off site breakfast which is where the breakfast is not where we are staying. Breakfast today was at Tracy's house, who is one of the administrative people for Cycle America. She hosts the breakfast as a fund raiser for her daughter's dance club. The breakfast of baked french toast with strawberry and banana syrup was so good. It was 13 miles down the road. The ride was only 68 miles to day so having breakfast down the raod made the day seem really short.
I should mention that everyone was wearing thier new Coast to Coast 2010 jerseys. They looked very sharp. So there was a real spirit in the air. Group pictures, lots of jokes and calling out "HEY NICE JERSEY".
After breakfast we rode a further 4 miles down the road to the World head quarters of Cycle America which is in Cannon Falls. This being a photo op everyone posed infront of the building. We couldn't get in for a tour as it was too early. However we had fun taking pictures and peering though the windows.
After this we hit the Cannon Valley Trail bike path which took us 18 miles to Red Wing MN. This was one of th rails to trails projects. As we followed the Cannon River it was so beautiful along the bike path. The path it's self was pathed with the smoothest pavement imaginable. There were wooded sections which hung over the trail where it was wonderfully cool. There were opens sections of meadow, where the wild flowers where in large blankets of yellow, purple and white. A squirrel darted out ran right between my wheels. I may have run over his tail with my back wheel. It was crazy.
This took us to picnic which was in a beautiful park in downtown Red Wing. Red Wing is the town famous for Red Wing Shoes. It is right on the Mississippi River. There was a huge park and marine there and picnic was set up in the park. I was riding with Ed to day had he had some business to do downtown otherwise I could have stayed there sucking down all the fresh fruit which was out at picnic.
With lunch behind us we rode across the Mississipi River and into Wisconsin. Ed was born and raised here and spent a large part of his carreer working in Wisconsin before retiring to Colorado. So I got a low down on live in Wisconsin. It was really great and we shared a lot of laughs. As we had only 30 miles to go we stopped at every historic marker, view point and everything we could think of. We stopped and had ice cream at a little road side stand. We bought wooden train whistles for the tunnels we will be taking in a couple of days. We still arrived in Pepin at 1:30 and as promised luggage was still on its way. So we headed downtown to find beer, which we did and it was ice cold.
I have to say that to day was one of the highlights of the trip. Breakfast was great, seeing the world Head quarters of Cycle America, the bike path was so beautiful, picnic was great, crossing the Mississippi marks a point in the journey, riding with Ed was very entertaining, everyone had on there new Coast to Coast jerseys, and the weather was drop dead gorgeous. What more could you want?
So now that I have completed the pounding in part of the blog process the hunt for internet begins. I see that all of the houses around here have TV antenna's on the roof so I am not hopeful. Got lucky on some poached internet, an dgot two pictures but thats all I could get.

See you later!

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