Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eighty miles of down hill.

When I crawled out of my tent this morning it was a crisp 38F (4C). So I had on most of my clothes and they were needed. The wind had started blowing at 4:45 Am and the flapping of my tent woke me but I lay in my nice warm sleeping bag for half an hour before I got moving. The forecast had been for a winds from the SE averaging 10-15 mph but it seemed more like 15-25 mph. This was really bad news as we were headed SE.
I really piled into the bacon at breakfast as I knew that we were in for a struggle all day. I think bacon is the perfect cycling food. The real shock came when I got on my bike and turned into the wind. The best I could do was about 12 mph, however there was 80 miles to go and there was no way I could maintain that. That was the bad news. The good news was that it was all down hill. The only thing to do was to get into the drops and grind it out. There was a small dip in the road and I got an extra few miles per hour. Then the wind dropped a little and I got a few more. End of the dip and the wind was back, so back to grinding and that is how the day went. Catch a little speed when you could and grind away when you couldn't. We crossed a lot of rolling hills with lots tumble weed but as the day was cloudy and grey it wasn't too exciting for scenery.

The school is very nice, it has very thing except for Internet. Tonight is barbeque beef brisket and corn on the cob. Two of my favorites.

Well I guess I am off to see if I can find an Internet connection. This Telus air card is useless.
Lets ride!



Anonymous said...


I am curious why you and the other riders don't do some drafting when riding into the headwinds?

I continue to enjoy your daily stories, but sometimes I wonder if there is anyone else on the tour with you. Except for a brief mention of a Patrick and Tom, we are not getting to know any of your fellow riders.

So much for the kibbitzing, you keep on keeping on. Enjoy the cool weather, it is hot as a firecracker out in the midwest.


Ken C. said...

Terry, hopefully you will one day experience a downhill day with the wind at your back. Enjoy the ride between bacon stops!! Ride safely.