Thursday, July 15, 2010

It was hot! July 15

It was hot about sums it up. Today's ride was though Badlands National Park. It was some what reminiscent of the Drumheller kind of landscape. It started off as grass land which transitioned into badlands. Low bluffs with tighter cliff forming layers of rock near the top giving way to a flat plain on the bottom. When I say flat I mean flat. There was one little climb to day of about 300 feet over three miles. The road surface was excellent with brand new pavement over all but two small sections which was under construction. One section was about 0.5 miles and the other was about two miles. The ride was scheduled for 83 miles but came up short at 79 miles. I hope we are going to get a refund.

I think the only thing which happened to day of any note was that Tom got off to an early start and was about 45 minutes ahead of me. So I jumped on the pedals to catch him. Sure enough just before lunch I had him in my sights. Then as I rode past Tom this wind came up and hit me and I was unable to hold the lead and Tom passed me back. Tom teased me at lunch and then got out early after lunch. Lunch was in this little place called Scenic. It had a interesting little bar, which was right next the jail. Look to the right of the Longhorn Saloon. I got talking to this other rider and before I knew it I had spent just over an hour at lunch. So I had to jump on the pedals and catch Tom again. I rode up to him about 5 miles out of camp and we rode in together.

Camp tonight is this dried out little town called Interior. The population is posted as 46. We are staying in this little camp ground and motel. I was lucky as I got in early and found a piece of corrugated tin to put my tent under for shade. Someone said it is 103 F. The cafe for the campground -motel is air conditioned and has Internet.

Lets Ride!


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