Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Canyon Surprise

Not to bore you with the usual crap about how cold it was or how early I got a way but let's cut right to the meat of the matter. At around 25 miles I am looking at this row of hills in front of me that are big hills and I am wondering how we are going to get though them. To days ride was suppose to be all down hill. The hills are looming closer and closer and just as we get to the base of the hills I can see that they are at least 1000 feet high. Then the road makes a left and I ride a bunch of rollers so you can't see what is coming up. Then with out warning the road makes a right and you head into this canyon which has been carved though the hills. This canyon is steep, and narrow. At the bottom of the canyon is the Wind River. A sign pointing at the side of the cliff indicated that the rocks are Pre-Cambrian. Down the canyon the road twists and turns. Another sign points out Cambrian rock. Then there are a series of three tunnels to ride though. Tunnels on a bike are both scary as you can't see the road, and exiting as you transition from bright to dark. The road winds down though the canyon for an full 20 miles. More signs pointing out Silurian age rocks, Ordovician, and finally Triassic rocks. It was an absolutely stunning ride. Of course as I am on this narrow winding road with no shoulders what should pass me but a service rig. Canyon Well Servicing painted on the side. Kind of makes you home sick.

Picnic at the 51 mile mark was right on the river in a beautiful spot called Wedding of the Waters. It is called that because the Wind river flows into the Big Horn River. The Big Horn is warmed by the hot springs at Thermopolis (56 mile mark). Thermopolis claims the worlds largest hot springs. They are large but I think the claim maybe a little over stated. There is a beautiful state park by the hot springs which come out at several locations though out the park. I rode though the park and rode up to the dinosaur museum but it didn't look that good that I wanted to go in. The buffalo paddock sounded interesting but it was five miles out of the way so I passed on it as well.

The last 37 miles were uneventful and it was time to head for the barn so I turned on the after burners. Although the last ten were down this country road which all these cracks which had been filled with some sort of tar which if you hit one which ran parallel to your direction of travel grabbed your tires and made the bike feel lose. It was kind of a weird feeling.

A great 93 mile day under near perfect conditions. Topping it off was a feast put on by the Rams Horn Restaurant.

Bed time for Bonzo


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Jim said...

Hey Terry,

It sounds like you are settling into a rhythm...early to bed, early to rise, big bacon breakfast, enjoying the big sky sights, powering throught the wind and hills. I trust you are finding time for a few beers and camaraderie. The pictures really are spectacular. Keep up the good work and enjoy the cool. It is really hot here in the desert.