Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pierre South Dakota

Here it is a long awaited and much needed rest day. I didn't have to do laundry as I talked another rider into doing that last night. I did have to wipe the chain on my bike. It was in pretty good shape as I cleaned it on Friday night when I changed tires and put my back up Armadillo tire on. So up early and off for a run. However I kept that to 30 minutes. My Garmin was dead so I don't know how far a run it was but we'll call it 5K as it was at a good pace. I rode down to a Walgreen's and got some suntan lotion and shave cream this morning. At the local golf club they have a $6.00 Sunday brunch buffet so I went to that. They had lots of bacon so I oinked on that.

Sounds like a pretty good day so far.

But here is the interesting part. We are staying in the dorm for the Native learning center which is a junior college. It is a very nice place. Basic but very good. Yesterday when we rode in there was lots of hot water. Everything is fine. Last night about 11:00 it is so hot I couldn't sleep so I thought I would get up and shower, however there is no hot water. This morning there is 18" of water in the basement. So they have shut the water off. So not toilets, no showers, no laundry. You get the picture. I guess we will see what happens. In front of the dorm are a bunch of old wrecked bikes, including an old single speed cruiser tandem bike. Here is a picture of my good friend Jan and I on the tandem.

Pierre is the smallest state capital at 9750 Pop. of all of the state capitals. It has a beautiful setting on the Missouri river with a beautiful city park along the river. The down town is small and quaint. I rode quickly through it on the way into town and it looked like there were a couple of ice cream places. I think the park and the ice cream parlours might be a good place to spend the afternoon.

I will post the route map for next week as soon as I can.


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Ken C. said...

Terry, just catching up on your last week's blogs. Sounds like a good ride; great scenery, tail winds, liter beers, lots of bacon, losing weight, getting lost and found, etc. Sorry to hear of all the casualties. I rode a couple sections of the Kettle Valley Railroad in Kelowna last week; about half of that in the rain, so now it's time to tear the mountain bike apart and clean it up. Congrats on the milestone and enjoy next week.