Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12 Lead South Dakota

It was 90 miles from Devils Tower Wyoming to Lead South Dakota and it had a total of 7100 ft. of climb associated with it so it was a hard day. When we left Devils Tower there were some very nasty looking clouds in the west that had rain coming out of them. They were being propelled along by a stiff wind out of the west. Fortunately for us we were headed almost due East. So it was great to sail along. I think that the wind was probably close to 25 mph as at that speed you were in dead air. It was really neat to be riding along and have no air movement with you. Needless to say the first 50 miles to picnic got eaten up pretty quickly.

There is a new group of six guys out for the week who are riding in a pace line and I could see them coming up on me and there is nothing you can do to hold a pace line. So they are just ready to pass me at the start of this long gentle hill. I thought I wonder if they can really pass so I hit the gas and they dropped back. I nickered all the way to lunch. I told Patrick this as they were riding in and his comment was "That ain't a pace line! That's a charity ride!" It was very funny. Great line Patrick. I will have to use that one.

After lunch we rode up through what is called Spear Fish Canyon. It was a long gentle upgrade for 30 miles. It was absolutely beautiful. Steep canyon walls and the Spear Fish Creek running down the canyon. I was riding with Nathan who is the son of the family which is on the trip. It was fun as he would pass me then I would pass him.

After the canyon there was a steep climb for a couple of miles and a steep down hill into Lead which is some sort of historic mining place. I don't know much about it other than it was the center of a gold/lead rush which happened in 1876. Right now it looks like it makes its money of tourists travelling to either Deadwood or Sturgis.

Well time to head off to supper I am starved (like what else is new).


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Jim said...

Hey Terry,

South Dakota is sounding like the good life...great views, cool mornings, warm afternoons, and tail winds. It doesn't get much better. Enjoy!

This is forecast to be our hottest week with temps reaching 113 deg. Ouch!