Monday, July 19, 2010

I should start by clarifying the situation about the Native Learning center where we stayed last night. The lady who is the manager came to talk to the riders at rider meeting last night. She has been there for 34 years. It is for children in grade 1 through 8. They take native children who are homeless or orphaned and board them there at the school. After grade 8 they must either go on to high school some where else or go back to the reserve. They can of course go to high school on the reserve. Follow up studies show only 3% finish high school. It is a pretty sad situation.
Last night there was a thunder and lightening storm which was unbelievable. It lasted 2 hours and the remnants where hanging around when we got on the road this morning. The sky was totally black with big storm clouds and there was a nasty wind out of the east. Everyone was prepared for the worst. The best you could do was about 10-12 mph. When you hit a hill you were grinding away in your granny gear. It was looking like a long day.
By 9:30 Am the clouds had dispersed and it was starting to look not bad other than the wind. Picnic was at the 45 mile mark and I was at the the 30 mile mark so I still had a distance to go. The wind was dropping so things were coming around. An hour later I was at picnic.
By the time I left picnic it was sunny and warm. What had started out as a terrible day had turned beautiful. The wind was down and with 43 miles to go it was time to go. There was a big climb after picnic to the town of Highmore which a sign proclaimed as the highest point between the Missouri River and Chicago. However by the standards we have seen of mountain passes it wasn't that big of a climb. I guess I have a fair amount of down hill in front of me.
The miles rolled by as I cycled pass mile after mile of wheat field. At one point it looked like the horizon was 30 miles off it was so flat.
After I got in I strapped on my running shoes and went for a little run. Colleen has been recommending 15 minute runs after biking to keep the run muscles in form. It felt like I had blocks of wood strapped to my feet. I am going to try and do this 4 times a week as when I get back the Long Beach Marathon will be right around the corner.
Time to see if I can find an Internet connection. Marv's Furniture is unlocked so here we are sitting on the concrete side walk doing internet. What have we come to?


Jim said...

Hey Terry,

I got behind on your blog. You guys have really made progress. I am in Albuquerque, on my way to Iowa. I'll start on the Missouri River on Sat and arrive on the Mississippi the next Saturday. It looks like you'll be ahead of me.

Good to see you and Tom enjoying a big beer. You must be in German country.

I cant believe the Armadills failed you after 1500 miles. I got 3000 our of mine...your roads must have been really rough.

Great pics and stories...keep it up!


Don said...

Hey Terry,

Things appear to be going well.
Sad and glad to hear that I'm not the only one who can fall off a bike. The miles are taking it's toll on your fellow riders.

Ride safe