Friday, July 9, 2010

Highest Point on Coast to Coast

First let me apologize for now post yesterday. It was a spectacular day! It was the toughest ride on the coast to coast and we reached the highest elevation. It was not the continental divide but still the highest point. I am not sure how that worked, so you just have to accept it. I guess you could go Google it.

The ride was 94 miles up and over the Big Horn Pass. The ride is divided into three parts the first 55 miles is the accent to the summit. You start at around 3600 ft and grind up the western side of the Big Horn range to 9666 ft at the summit. This was incredibly grueling as most of it was done at 6-8 mph. To top it off about 5 miles was fresh chip seal which had been laid down the day before. Two riders go stones jammed in the rear derailleur which sheared off the pin which mounts the rear derailleur. The tour operator was busy sagging riders into lunch which was just 8 miles short of the summit. The saying is to be at the summit by noon. I made it to the summit by 12:45. The second part of the ride is 30 miles of rollers after the summit. Although it is generally down hill there are still several huge climbs of a 2-3 miles all of which are 6-8% grade. Somebody said there were 7 climbs of more than 2 miles but I didn't count. I think that although there is less climbing it is a tougher section as you are not as mentally prepared for it. The final section of the ride is the decent into Buffalo. It is nerve racking steep and with no shoulders and broken pavement you can't just let it free wheel. I made it in completing the ride in 7:13 which was a great time. I think that more than 50% of the riders wound up taking a sag. It was really quite a ride. beautiful scenery, tough, but after you have done it very satisfying.

In Buffalo was the first night of the blues grass festival. It kicks off in the Occidental hotel, which in itself is a historic icon. Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill Code, Butch Cassidy and numerous other all stayed there. We went in and had a beer and listened to some of the performers playing in the bar. It was quite a place. The last time it was redecorated was something like 1910 after the big flood.

Lets Ride!



Jim said...

Hey Terry,

Great pics with a blue sky and horizon that goes for ever. Glad to see you and Tom enjoying a beer with the local moose. riding day sounds hours of climbing on rough roads. Reminds me of Colorado. Your tough after three weeks!

Keep up the good work.


Ken C. said...

Terry, good for you for grinding it out. Seven hours is a long ride.