Friday, July 9, 2010

Cruising the Interstate

Generally my option is Bikes + Interstates = Bad Idea! I was more than a little concerned when I learned that today's ride was 70 miles down the interstate in to Gillette form Buffalo. So I took four spare tubes with me as I was convinced this was trouble. I got out relatively early and lit the after burners on the Giant as soon as I was on the on-ramp. There isn't much to see off the interstate. There were lots of long hills which were all at 1% grade or less so I just kept hammering down the road waiting for the first flat. The shoulders were wide and smooth so there was no problem riding at 12 mph on the steepest grade and 28 mph on the down grades.

Picnic was at the 32 mile mark so I was there by 8:30 and just after 11:30 Am. I guess I was lucky or maybe I was overly worried but I made it without a flat. Carried a bunch of tubes for nothing.

There wasn't much for high lights. Picnic was left over curried chicken salad which was great but I was still working on a huge breakfast. So I didn't hang long. I stopped and watched a service rig hoisting tubing for about 10 minutes. It was right beside the road but I was worried about the heat so I pushed on. Then a helicopter was flying a right of was and was looking over this highway crossing so I stopped to watch it for a minute. before it flew off. Maybe the real highlight was after I got in I changed into my running clothes and did a 5 k run. It was really tough. My legs felt like wood and my feet felt like I was wearing rubber boots.

Tonight is awards night for the week and I understand that they are going to roast the people who snore. I understand there is a lot of floor floppers who snore and refuse to go to a snoring section. What can I say they are floor floppers.
They are closing the library and I have to go.


Ken C. said...

I guess the good thing about the interstates is that the grades are pretty modest. Hopefully the traffic was light and you weren't filling your ears with the sounds of semi's roaring by. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

don't know what happened to my last post. Anyway, the scenery looks amazing (well, not the interstate) but the mountains. My legs ached just reading about the climbs. I die just riding up home road! Glad to hear you got out to do that other sport, drinking, oops i mean running. i am heading out for a 8 miler soon.
anyway, ride safe!