Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ashton Idaho

Back to Idaho
To day was billed as an easy day because it was a net down hill day by 1500 feet and it was only 64 miles. So take your time, stop and smell the flowers. OK I can do that. I was close to the last to leave breakfast this morning as the bacon was soooo good, and they kept refilling my coffee cup. By the time I realized it there were only a few left so I hurried out side and jumped on my bike a headed down the road. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was up and the sky was so blue that you would have to photo shop it to make it any bluer. So you remember how I said we always start the day with a hill well to day was no exception and at about mile 7 the first climb gets started and although it is only a couple of miles long and not that steep I am still in my granny gear. About half way up is Steve (he was one of the routers on the West Coast trip) and his girl friend Alice. She claims that sparks are coming out of the rear derailleur Steve's bike. Do I know any thing about rear derailleurs. Not much but they don't make sparks! When I look at it I can see that Steve has never cleaned his chain. Jokes are made about with so much oil and grim on the chain and rear gear cluster a spark could cause an explosion. I thought that the cable end might be rubbing but it looked clear. However as I had no answers we got back on the road. At the top of the short hill it was down hill and pretty much all the way into Ashton. The road was a mixed bag of wide and narrow shoulders, with and without chip seal. The common factor was the wind which was gusty and blowing right into to my face. I think it was gusting 40-50 mph. This made the bike hard to ride as it would either be loose or tight. At the 35 mile mark we turned off the main highway down this secondary road which was brand new chip seal. This really slowed progress down and even though it was down hills. Lunch was at the 50 mile mark by the Mesa falls. Although you couldn't get down to them they were very pretty. There was marmot family sunning themselves on rock right by the look out and although every one looked out at the falls I think I was the only one to see them. The remaining 14 miles went by pretty quickly. The wind really picked up and it was a total struggle to get in the last 6 miles. It took 4;20 to do the 64 miles.
We are staying at the Fedmont middle school in Ashton Idaho, which is a beautiful facility. The showers are hot the grass is very nice for camping. Tonight it awards night which is always a hoot.
Lets ride.

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