Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fun Ride to Beaverdam July 29

Not rain, no thunder storms, no wind, just a beautiful day for a ride down some totally deserted country roads. It was only 62 miles to day so there was no real panic to get down to Beaverdam but every rider seemed like they were on some kind of mission. As we started out it was 67 F and the sun was just coming up,without a hint of a breeze, so it was absolutely perfect riding weather.

I was having a blast riding ahead and then catching photos of the riders as they went past. At one point I lay down on the road to get some action shots as they crested this hill. Then Tom, Patrick and I started chasing other riders down and taking pictures of them. It was great. Before you knew it, it was picnic and there we filled up on a great chicken salad and lots of fresh fruit. I just love all the fresh fruit we have on this trip. There were some white peaches that were great.

After lunch Tom, Patrick and I set off and being totally full and being only 19 miles we were riding pretty slowly. At picnic Tom had heard Kari say to Nathan that she wanted to get in early so she could get the best spot in the gym with the best plug in. There is some sort of competition amongst the floor floppers as which spot is the best. I don't know about it as I don't floor flop. They were well up ahead of us by at least 3-5 miles. Patrick said let's get them. Tom said lets wait and get them at the end. Nothing more is said until about 4 miles out we spotted about a mile ahead. Patrick had dropped back as his saddle was hurting him. Tom and I didn't say anything but we both stepped on the pedals. At about one mile from town they were 250 yards ahead, and I said to Tom OK I`ll sling shot you. So I took the lead and rode as hard as I could. When we hit town Tom blasted past to get in first and claim the best spot in the gym. It was great fun.

So it was a great day of riding, picture taking, and having fun.


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Gary Griffin said...


Please e-mail me your e-mail address. Mine is ggriffin@ecwa,org
I keep getting a non-deliverable message for the e-mail you gave me.
I am keeping up with your progress by reading your blog. It is nice to be able to continue to see you guys in pictures through your blog. Get some of Philip, Avi and Frank and the Crew. I enjoy this very much!

Gary Griffin
with the Kestrel Bike