Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Visit to a Concentration Camp

Day 20 Linz to Emmersdorf 115 kms

Out of camp this morning with Don, Jim and Joco about mid pack. We weren’t in any hurray as we were planning on visiting the Mauthausen concentration camp which was just 20 kms down the road. At Mauthausen 125,000 people died. Most of them were Soviets Pows and Poles. However there were lots of other groups represented. We walked though the gas chamber and the crematorium. To say that it was a little grisly was an understatement. There was an English tour for school kids going on and I kind of listened in. The Nazi’s did a lot of experimentation at this camp on the prisoners. They feed them wood and sausages made from saw dust. The camp is set on top of this hill which has a magnificent view of the valley. If this were part of humaities history so be it but this sort of stuff continues today. I didn’t stay for the 45 minute film.

Back on the pedals and lunch at the 65 km mark. Just before lunch my front tire blew with huge bang. I will change my tires in Vienna. After lunch the 4 of us smoked on down the path to the campsite. It was just perfect 30C , blue sky and a get tail wind. Most of path way has no cars; some of it is shared with cars on some back alleys and lanes. The path is generally pavement but abut 20 percent is either gravel or cobble stones. However there are a lot of obstacles on the path way and vigilance is required constantly. As we are beside the Danube constantly we can see the beauty of the river and all the cruise ships and other river traffic.

We rolled into camp and only two others were there first. Young Al came over to offer his hand and say “no hard feelings” Perfect I was glad to accept it. Later Jim and Joco and I walked into town and found a place to buy COLD beer for 0.59 euro for a 500 ml can. Almost all the beer and drinks are sold un-refrigerated, so cold is areal treat. They had Corona’s for 1.99 euro for a six pack! But warm and you can´t find ice here!
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Even though the camp is beside a very busy road I will sleep well.

Night, night


Kurt said...

No cold beer? the bastards! That camp must've been fascinating to be at, grisly because of the death, but interesting all the same. Wood sausages? doesnt sound very appetizing to me.
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Anonymous said...
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