Sunday, June 22, 2008

A body at rest

Day 16 Regenburg – Rest Day

What a neat place Regensburg is. It is a medieval city. The hotel we are staying was built in 1300. It is totally modern in side. You don’t have to throw your chamber pot contents out the window in the morning.

I got up early and did my blog on the only internet connection in the hotel, which is in the lobby. The hotel have wireless internet for an exorbitant fee but it doesn’t work because the walls are too thick and are made of stone.

Jos got a large crew of riders organized for a walking tour of the city. He had rounded up an English guide and for 4 euros each we were off. The tour was supposed to be 45 minutes but we asked so many questions it turned out to be 1.5 hours. The city was founded by wealthy Italian traders, who were using the Danube as a trade route. They built a bridge across the river which further increased trade. By the 1300’s it was a huge trading center. However it’s importance fell off by the 1500’s and as a result the old buildings were never replaced and the city was preserved. It is a really interesting place with a maze of little 6 foot wide alleys.

It was a great place to have a rest day.


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Kurt said...

Sounds like a good rest day. You guys do ask a lot of questions so i can see it taking longer than usual, you didnt ask any WW2 questions did you?