Sunday, June 22, 2008

Easy Does It

Day 17, June 17, Regensburg to Straublin, 51 km

Easy Day

This was a very easy day after a rest day. Set the alarm for 7:30 which is 70 minutes later than ususal and as usual Jim and I were the last in for breakfast. We left the hotel late and even Stu had left. We went across the bridge to a bike shop and picked up a book that we had spotted andt decided we needed. Jim, Don and I set off looking for bakeries but there were none to be found. We were the first three to arrive into camp. Lunch wasn’t even ste up yet. The staff has a good campground staked out and Straublin is another medieval town to visit. To our surprise, the largest bike store I have ever visited, 100,000 square feet, was next to the campsite. I bought a new helmet, arm warmers, leg warmers, a pair of new gloves, and a great Pearl Izmi jersey. It is really bright orange and blue with bike demons on it.

Back at camp we started throwning the old helmut around. Duncan, the tour leader came over and asked to have the old helmut as a spare. Great Idea! I was happy to hang it in the van as a spare. I rode that helmut over a lot of miles.

Jim and I walked into town. It is very beautiful and is home to this huge beer fest which over one million people come for. We looked for a call center, or internet but no luck.

We were able to find good deals on cheap Bavarian beer and one Euro bottles of German wine. So we stayed up late (9:45) talking with some of the riders. They are a really interesting group of very creative and talented people. I feel lucky to be associated with them

It turned out to be an enjoyable day.

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Kurt said...

7:30? wow you guys are just crazy, thats the earliest i get up. By the way, helmet is spelled with an "e", not a "u" ;) Big bike store eh? sounds like you were in heaven