Monday, June 30, 2008

An easy 100 kms

Day 28 Budapest to Kerskemet

We left the hotel at 7:00 for group ride though the streets of Budapest. I was in the first group following Olivia. He is real easy to follow. These group rides are really great they take all the worry of navigating in these large cities out of the ride. For the first 10 km I was really stiff and every bump went right through me. However after I warmed up I felt much better. The group ride was a total of 24 km, and took us to the edge of the city.

For the most part Budapest looks very prosperous. There are a lot of new homes and people are busy repainting and fixing things up. Every house has fancy wrought iron fences.

After the group ride it was only 31 km down to lunch. We passed though a number of small farming towns all of which looked very prosperous. The roads were excellent and we had a favourable tail wind. I think the high point was seeing a stork nest with two baby storks in this one small town. I believe that this is suppose to bring the town good luck, and it must have as the town seemed very prosperous.

After lunch we set off at a good pace and within about 10k or so we caught the tandem. They received the water pistol as I went by. They joined the line and we sailed down what was probably the best riding conditions we have seen so far. We pulled into this small pub and had a Pepsi. I think the owner was surprised to see all these riders walking in. We really must be quite a sight in our bright jerseys, riding shorts, and clomping around in bike shoes.

The road was so good and the wind so favourable we covered the 100 kms and we in camp by 12:20 PM. I was pleased that I was the 2nd one into camp. I was worried the being injured I would have a tough time keeping up. I found a good spot for my tent under a tree. Jim's compass put the sun in the northern sky and twenty minutes later it was in the full sun and had to move it. I lay down and had a 2.5 hour nap. Then I cleaned my bike and oiled the chain. Curt and I rode over to a near by grocery store and got some treats. They sell this pata in these little containers here which is really delicious and is really cheap. A 2 oz container is about $0.30. So we sat around eating until supper, which was a grilled pork chop,with salad, and rice.

On a disturbing note a sectional rider joined us today and he brought a ghetto blaster, which he played so loud at supper that you couldn't talk.

The camp ground is beside this water park which had a really loud band playing so maybe he felt he had to compete. The water park closed and shut off the music so we will not be kept awake. Also in the camp is this interesting looking bus. It is called a hotelbus. Half the bus is converted to berths and it has a galley. The front half is seats. There are about 20 passengers plus a tour guide and a driver. I walked over and got a tour of it from the tour guide. The price for taking a tour on the hotelbus is about 65 euros/day or about $100/day.

So I am going to thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for leaving me a comment.

Cruising on down the road.


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Anonymous said...

Terry, glad to hear that your fall the other day has not held you back any. The early part of any day will always be the toughest. A hotel-bus tour next year?!?!?!?

Ken C.