Sunday, June 22, 2008


Day 22 A rest day in Vienna

Ok I have been caught out. I have been mentioning other rides and tours that I have done and I have not mentioned Cycle Canada. This is a major over sight on my part and I would like to appolagize for this gross over sight on my part. My very first cycle adventure was with Cycle Canada on the Vancouver to Calgary trip. It hooked me on bicycle tours. In addition I meet my very good friend Curt on that trip and he is with me here today. There are alot of riders here proudly wearing there Cycle Canada jerseys and everyone of them braggs about their experience with Cycle Canada.

Today Don and I are off to see Vienna. One day to see a thousand sights. Oh well.

I´ll fill you in later with a few more details of the sights and a few pictures.

All my love to the loyal readers.

Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the great comments



M&M's Orient Express Bicycle Adventure said...

Hi Terry,

How unfortunate! Send our best wishes to Don. We enjoyed his wonderful, self depreciating sense of humour.

If this keeps up there could be a reunion next year for those who still hope to finnish the trip.

Ride safe,


Kurt said...

Knowing you, Vienna sight seeing is going to be "walk till you drop" then you'll consider going back to your hotel
Hope Don gets better fast, Say hi to Jim and Curt for me eh?
Keep your stick on the ice

Agnes said...

Wow, what a week for injuries, I hope all the riders are more alert to hazards because of this. I am sorry to hear that Don was one of the casualties; I know that he was pumped about the trip and having a great time. I am glad to hear that his injuries weren't more serious, as they easily could have been. I am glad that your tire blow-outs and pile-ups did not result in injuries.

I know 'every day is race day'; but take a little time to ride safe.



Anonymous said...

dude, i agree with Agnes, slow down and savour the sights and sounds!!
Cheers, Julian
PS have a gigantic cold one for me!

Anonymous said...

hey terry, i'm back home and all is well. damn i miss the corn flake breakfast already. i'm typing with my right hand only due to my collarbone.

business class is the only way to fly. luftstana wanted a 130 euros to ship my bike back to canada. there i was at the airport, 45 minutes before my flight departs, no credit cards, no cash. thank god mastercard allowed me to charge the fee to card. my visa showed was in the bottom of my backpack.

John Smith said...

Terry, I have enjoyed reading your blog.

My wife, Karen, joined the group in Vienna and I will meet up with you in Bucharest.

My new Bike Friday arrived here yesterday. It's at our favourite bike shop getting a saddle and pedals. I plan to bring it with me to Romania.

I look forward to meeting you there.

Tom Erceg said...

Wow Terry, I'm sorry to hear about all the carnage going on out there. Be Safe my friend!

On a happier note, I'm celebrating the one-year anniversary of our arrival in Boston by riding the Grand Tour Double Century on Saturday. 200 miles of Ocean views!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, Just got back to Oz from Calgary and read your blog. Glad to hear you are having "fun", but most importantly, stay healthy. We'll talk when you get back. All the best. Chuck