Friday, June 27, 2008

Into Slovenia

Day 23 Vienna to Bratislava
This morning I hung around to wait for a bike shop to open. I still needed to get my tire issue resolved. The bike shop opened at 8:30 AM. There were quite a few people headed for the bike shop so we all rode down together. On the way back we loss Jim, Curt and Clare. So I rode back but no luck. They had gone into a grocery store to buy some snacks. We are finally on the way with 8 k ridden and have gone no where.
We head down the cycle path but took the branch along the river rather than the one along the top of the levee and missed the turn off. The low branch took us though the nude bathing section of the river. Not surprising 99.9% of people look better dressed. Unfortunately we did not see any of the 0.1% of the population.
Finally back on track we have a rain shower bearing down on us and I have relied on Jim’s internet weather forecast and have no rain coat with me. However by putting it in high gear we rode away from the main rain clouds and escaped with only a minor sprinkle.
Lunch stop was right at the Slovenia boarder. No armed guards, no passport control just a bill board welcoming us to Slovenia. However we are only going to be in Slovenia for 24 hours.
Out of lunch with only 5 kms to go, then with less than 1 km to go I hit this metal bar in the road which was off set by about 3 inches and got 2 flats at once. Talk about snake bitten. So I put on my new tire and changed both tubes. Unbelievable!
The hotel tonight is an old river boat which is now a hotel. It is very quaint. I walked into town and saw the Herd Castle which is the famous Bratislava landmark. The old town is very quaint old world. However from the top of the hill by the castle you can look across at the other side of the river and see mile upon mile of soviet style apartment blocks. I walked around the town and found a bike shop and got a second tire for the equivalent of $12.00 cdn. Hopefully this will solve my tire problems.
Supper is in a traditional Slovenia restaurant. Henry, the owner of Tour de Afrque, is from Bratislava and this is his favourite restaurant. I had the pork which was really good,
The only internet/phone center in town was closed. Although, I didn’t try the south side of the river.
An easy day of only 78 km, even with getting lost and extra trips to the bike shop.
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Miha said...

Sorry to inform you but are in Slovakia and not Slovenia ;) Check wikipedia for more details :)

MM said...

Hello, Terry. Congratulations for your trip, it is a good idea to bike the orient express. Can you remember the address of the Bike Shop in Bratislava? Was it easy to find? Do you remember the name of it? We will bike the Danube bike trail, and we will need a bike shop in Bratislava.

I'll be very thankfull if you email me at