Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rest Day in Ulm

Ulm, Day 12, Rest Day

A rest welcome day is always a welcome day. We have a great hotel right on the Danube, looking across into the old town center. The landmark is the Ulm cathedral which has the world’s tallest steeple – 530 feet. For 4 Euros one can climb up 768 steps to the top, but I have decided I am too lazy to climb to the top. I did however get up and go for a smoking run with Maureen Edmonton. We did 6.35 miles in 1:03, not too shabby.

This is also the birthplace of Albert Einstein.

We are going to do internet and do some tourist stuff. I have to fix a tube as I had my first flat yesterday.

The Danube has dramatically changed from a small slow stream to a very large fast flowing river. We are due to start seeing more river traffic and industry.

The weather is forecast to get wet and cool again for the next week.

So then Jim and I go into this internet cafe to do blogs. Since there doesn`t seem to be WiFi in Europe. And then the internet place has a blocker on blogs and it takes us half an hour to figure it out. GRRRRRRRR!

Well Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments.

A body at rest tends to stay at rest



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that's really cute..wish i had one too.

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that's really cute..wish i had one too.

Anonymous said...

Terry, the good lord knows that I am surely no Albert Einstien, however, even i can see that running 6 miles on your rest day whilst saying you are too lazy to climb the tower makes no sense whatsoever!! Must be an Engineer thing!

Cheers, Julian

Agnes said...

I'm with Julian on this . . . not climbing a tower after running and cycling all week - idle lay-a-bout . . . the picture of you and the beer says it all. I wondered how wobbly that second trip into town for beer was!!! Thanks for the calls, its great to hear your voice.



Anonymous said...

I was wondering about that second trip into town as well, but then can you get charged with impaired cycyling in Germany? Good job on the run, I guess I better get off my butt and do some running! Glad that you have had some nice weather. Saw Ann yesterday and updated her on your trip and talked to Wayne today and updated him as well.

Alex said...

Terr, why is it that every time I check your blog, you are resting???? I thought that this was suppose to an experience that challenges one's physical and mental limits. So far, all I'm seeing is beer and Terry "resting". What did you do with Don?

You are a picture of health so this resting, I mean cycling trip looks good on you! Next week, the running gang here is doing the K-100. You have not been missing a thing weather-wise! I look forward to hearing about your "non-resting" days as we grow web feet back here in Cowtown.

Take care bud, glad to see you are doing well!


Anonymous said...

Terry: Your not missing any good weather and your not missing any good racing as TNT is brodcasting NASCAR and of course should be rebroadcast by TSN is Canada but TSN is broadcasting the US open today instead, no racing. Dale Junior won. Looks like you are having fun, at least more fun than Tiger Woods is having(remember NO RACING). Bill