Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boiled Corn Mush

Donaueschingen to Sigmaringen, June 10, Day 10, 99 km

Today was another perfect day as we cycled on the pathway. It was misty when we got up and the temperature gauge on my alarm clock said that it was 12 C however I pulled my arm warmers off before we left camp. The ride went along fairly quickly and we had 20 kms under our belts before we knew it. No hills, no wind, no traffic, just beautiful pathways. Wow! So with 20% in the books Don, Jim and I pulled into this little town for the first treat of the day. I got this pastry which must have been 8 inches across for 0.80 euro. It was delicious. We thought we would be in for lunch early but it was 11:30 by time we got to lunch. The pathways are a lot windier and then there is a lot of stopping to figure out the route as there is lots of intersecting paths. You can get lost in a heart beat. This means it takes longer to get any where.

After lunch we thought we just out of this little town and in fact we had already passed it. So we came to this one sign and made the wrong decision. The path we took went up the river on the wrong side and we rode though 3.5 kms on path which got worse and worse and finally dead ended. After we got back on track we pulled up in front of this little Gasthous and people rushed out to talk to us they we amazed that we riding all the way to Istanbul.

By the time we pulled into camp it was 4:30 So much for the easy day. After a quick shower and I mean quick the token we were give gave you 3.5 minutes of water, Jim and I walked into town. I found a call center which charged 0.12 euro to call home. It was great to call home as I was starting to feel home sick.

I had checked what was for supper and it was boiled corn mush and vegetables with cilantro. YUK! So I purchased ham and cheese and a couple of buns for supper. Jos from NZ was really happy to share my supper.

My bike computer seems to be messing up. It doesn’t shut off after you quit riding.

There was a school camping trip in the campground and the kids 14-17 were quite loud. However the rain started about 10:00 PM and that put the kids to bed.

Well thanks again for visiting and thanks for all your great comments.

Down the road!

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Anonymous said...

Terry, interesting comment about the ease of getting lost on the bike path, and the resulting "slowness". I suppose the paths facilitate the local population getting around with ease, and not so much so for long distance travellers.

Keep up the good work.
Ken C.