Friday, June 27, 2008


Day 24 Bratslavia to Gyor Hungry
We ate breakfast in the boatel restarunt and the food was excellent. This place was just great. I loved it .
I knew it was going to be a hot one so I made sure that I had my water pistol loaded. In the parking lot a managed to get a lot of riders before they even got out of the parking lot. We crossed the Danube on the same bridge we had ridden in on. There was some construction on one side of the road and I rode on the inside of them and then at the very end there was a horizontal barrier arcoss the rode which was completely invisible. I nearly hit it. Then later I learned that one of the French Canadians had in fact hit it. It was her second fall in two days. OCH! We passed on to the bike path which was wide and beautifully paved. There was a line of maybe 20 riders. Picking a good spot I quickly passed them all and made sure to give them all a taste of the water pistol. As I rode off I could hear the screams of my victums. I caught up to the tandum and got behind it as did a number of other riders. We cruised for maybe 30 kms along this big reservoir at speeds of 30-40Km. We were at lunch by 10:20, which was at the 55km mark and had averaged 27 km/hr. Wow!
After lunch four of us headed out and crossed into Hungry. At the boarder all that was there were the empty booths and guard houses. No armed guards no pass port checks, here we are in Eastern Europe home of the former "Evil Empire" and nobody is even going to look at our passport. Kind of a let down in a way. Twenty years and a lot has changed. There is new construction every where. Homes look freshly painted. There are huge shopping malls everywhere filled with consumer goods. Even a lot of the old former soviet apartment buildings have satellite dishes attached to every balcony. It kind of looks like a boom.
When we arrived in camp there were only to other riders in, which was kind of surprising as we had some trouble finding the camp and stopped to change our money. Camp was not so pretty. The showers looked really bad and the whole camp was in a general state of disrepair. It was a nice enough spot just a little beat up that’s all.
Maybe we’re getting use to the riding as today’s 88 kms were pretty easy, and it was a fun day.
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