Monday, June 30, 2008

Talent show.

Day 29 Kerskenet to Szned

We rode out of camp after the majority of riders had left. I guess I should clarify the "we" thing as I see I have been using it quite a bit. The "we" is Jim from Las Vegas, Jureg from Switzerland , and Joco from South Africa. We were riding along at about 28 kms and passing other riders, soon there was a huge pelaton behind me. I was feeling pretty good and was riding strong. However the road was not as good as yesterday as there was lots of pot holes and pavement patches. At about the 30 k mark we could see Fred about 0.5 km in front of us. Suddenly the race is on! Everyone is doing 30-38 km/hr which was way too fast for the road conditions. Maureen, Glen and I weren't going to be caught up in this kind of foolishness and we continued on at 28 km/hr. Glen and Maureen stopped and I continued on by myself. It was really nice and quiet just sailing along a deserted country road.

At lunch Al wanted to race me and I told him I wasn't interested. However continued in my face until I finally had to tell him to F... O.. Jim, Joco and Al wanted to go but I wasn't going. So I turned my back and they finally left. I just don't understand what some people don't get about the word no. I left about 5 minutes later by myself. It was perfect. Nice and quiet with good roads, no cars (well very few) and good weather.

I got into camp #2 right after Fred. Later Jim and I rode into town, which was very quaint and of course being Sunday very quiet. We met a lady from Calgary UofC who was teaching English at the university of Szned on some sort of exchange program. As we passed her she called out "Paris to Istanbul Wow!" and I knew she was from Calgary. What a coincidence. We stopped and bought some after noon treats and headed back to camp. I sit down on a bench and open up my treats and Al comes right over and helps him self. Don was right!

After supper there was a talent show which was put on by the riders. Jos was MC and was wearing a green garbage bag tied with orange survey ribbon. He was hilarious. There must have been 12 or more acts. There was songs, ballads, poetry, skits, lectures, you name it. The whole affair was side splitting funny. Some people are so creative.

The camp has a building which houses handicap people in it and as I crawled into my tent I realized that I pointed the tent door directly at the light over the door to their building. Error! And so ended a 110 km day in Hungry.

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Agnes said...

Glad to see you are back to your usual self afer your spill. You guys didn't visit the water park? Its been so hot here the last few days a water park sounds about right. Keep pedaling.



Anonymous said...

Another one of the joys of travelling; running into someone from home. What a treat! From you photos, it looks like everything in Hungary is neat and tidy. Enjoy the ride.

Ken C.