Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dish Duty

Ulm to Donauworth/Eggolshiem Day 13

Dish Duty!

It was cold this morning as we ate breakfast in the hotel parking lot. Jim’s thermometer read 11C. What a sight 40 cyclists lined up in all their cycle finery shivering and shaking to get their share of the precious Muselix (there seems to be a shortage of it and if you don’t get in line early then you only get Cherrios. Garris had packed his spoon in his day bag and was slurping his cereal directly out of the bowel. There were bits on his cheeks and his nose. So we immediately set to teasing him about it and making oniking noises. At the very last moment I decided to dig my running jacket out of my bag. Man was I ever glad that I did once we got rolling it was even colder

The ride was directly out of the hotel and down the Danube. In the city there is a tremendous wall along the pathway. I have no idea how old it is, 600- 700 years? And here I am riding along beside this wall down this incredibly beautiful river. Zounds!

Jos came up along side me on his bike and he has stolen one of the rubber ducks which were in the hotel bathroom as a little thing in the bathroom. His plan is to award it to the funniest thing to happen to day at the evening rider meeting. I laugh and we work out the plan that everyday the recipient of “Lame Duck” will have to carry the duck prominently displayed on his bike the next day and then have to award the duck to the next rider at rider meeting that night. It would be awarded to good and bad.

Don found the Danube cycleway books so our little group have the books. Jim has been designated map reader/carrier. It works well because he has a good map carrier on his bike. I have my new cycle computer on my bike and am busy timing it.

At the 45 km mark it was time for a break so we cruised into this local bakery. I got this huge pastry with custard for 0.5 Euros. It was so yummy. When you park your bike out front of a bakery they act like magnets and before you knew it there were 20 cyclists in the shop. The owners were so astonished to see so many riders.

By lunch time it has warmed up to about 15. But it is sunny and a really good cycling temperature. So everyone is pretty happy until Don and Curt had a few words about cycling procedures, and the need to call out manoeuvres before making a move in traffic. No harm came from the incident, and all is forgiven. However just to underline how easy it is to make a bad mistake, happened at lunch. Wilf was leaving lunch and was just pushing off and this cyclist who was coming up the path went smack into to Wilf. She went down and spilled right on the path. No one was hurt but it is so easy to make a mistake.

Our group got in to camp in good time and there were very few riders in. It is a very nice campground and we have a good size area to set up in. I picked a nice corner spot which I thought would be mine. Then Maureen and Glen came in and set up right on top of me. For crying out loud!! I hope they don’t snore or have a zipper fetish.

Supper was poached fish, boiled potatoes, and broccoli. It was good. The fish was over done and should have been treated a little better as it was all broken up. But then, you are cooking for 50 people with two pots. So maybe there is a bit of a challenge. It still tasted good. Then it happened----------- I got put on dish duty!!! Argh. At least there were no burnt pots and we had good facilities for washing pots. Everyone has to do dish duty four times so I guess I got one off easy.

Jos gave the duck to Stu because we were to zig-zag from Zucum to the camp site and Stu was under the impression that we were headed for Zigzagstad

All in I will give this one an EXCELLENT. 103.5 km under near perfect cycling temperatures, with unbelievable scenery, and with excellent companions. I have to be the luckiest person alive.

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Lets Ride.


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