Sunday, June 8, 2008

A day in Freiburg

Day 8

Well here we are laying about. Not really. I was up early for a nice easy run. It was very quiet as everything is closed in Germany on Sunday. So there were no cars on the road and it was really nice just running along. The morning was cool and misty. I put in just over 10 km in just under an hour. It was really fun.

Breakfast in the hotel was a great spread which ranged from eggs & bacon to cold cuts and sweat rolls. Onik Onik!

Cleaning the bikes was the next chore. Don asked at the desk and the hotel kindly provided some raggs making the job alot easier.

Down to the internet cafe to do blogs.

Then we are planning on exploring the old town. Maybe have a couple of beers on some sidewalk cafe. The sun is finnally out.

Thanks for visiting and thanks again for your comments.

Enjoying the good life!

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Agnes said...

A soggy adventure so far; I hope the weather forecast is for sun, sun, sun! We could use some of that here too. Loved the pictures, is there a photo album to go to? The descriptions are bang on Terry, I can see the cats scatter and the old ladies shaking their fists. Hi to Jim, Don, Curt and Claire.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, Terry. Gladly, you're finding a chance to dry out; not so in Calgary, 35 mm of rain on Saturday. It's getting a bit tedious. Hope you keep the fun meter pegged on "full" for the rest of the trip. Keep up the good work.

Ken C.

Anonymous said...

Terry I hope you've had a great rest and time away from the rain in Freibur. The meals sound delicious.


Tom Erceg said...

Good Lord Man, does the rain ever stop in France? I laughed out loud at the cats and old ladies comment. Funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

mon dieu,
Too much rain! Hopefully Germany will be better. Incredible about don's brake pads. good thing the weather wasn't hot or he probably would have blown a tire as well. Glad you are enjoying the food and having fun with the language. Are you using the translator I bought you? 10km in under a hour? Didn't you say you couldn't run a sub 60?
Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Terry et Surly,
Interesting reading.

Sacre bleu! Merde alors! That's about it on my French. Hope the rain abates and that better conditions prevail for the remainder of the ride.

Frank Steffey