Sunday, June 22, 2008

Broken Bones and to Much Carelessness

Day 18 Satubling to Passua

I think people are getting up earlier and earlier. People were up at 5:00 am. These are only 100 km days! Breakfast isn’t until 7:30. What are they doing for 2.5 hours?

I had to wear my new gear today. There is really nothing like a new jersey. At breakfast Curt was really mad because there were no Muscili, just corn flakes. He banged the pots and made a big scene. I think a lot of other people felt the frustration Curt was feeling. The quote of the day really happened at last night. At breakfast Rita starts laughing and tells us the story that someone said; “The more Stu says the more Jim starts to make sense.” We couldn’t figure out if it was an insult or not and if so who was being insulted.

I left the campground with Jim, Don, Joco and Jurg. We were moving fast and I put the Surly out front and stayed there all the way to lunch. Jim came up to race me a few times. After lunch we rode with the tandem down some gravel roads at speeds over 30kms. It was more than a little scary, but fun. Our group arrived with only Fred in first.

At camp we found out that Neil had an accident with a farm trailer. He has suffered a broken hip and is in stable but critical condition. We also learned that Curt had a spill today. Young Al had cut him off and knocked him down. Curt escaped uninjured. Only his mirror was out of alignment. Jos and a car went at it. The car suffered a large dent in the fender but Jos was totally uninjured.

Jim and I walked into town looking for a call center or internet but no luck. I’ll try in Linz tomorrow. I stopped in a grocery store on the way back from town and picked up a big bag of rolled oats for Curt.

Supper was purple cabbage, Spetzal, and pork loin. It was excellent. So I yelled out “great supper John” to our cook. He is so much maligned. His equipment just isn’t set up very well. On the topic of food I see that breakfast is Muscili and bananas. I guess Curt got his wish.

Too many accidents people really need to be more careful.

And so ends an eventful 99.0 km day.


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Kurt said...

Wow, does no one pay attention to the road? too many amazing sights to see and not enough focus on where youre biking. Three accidents in one day is just too many, Im suprised Jos escaped that car. I hope Curt gets his dream breakfast