Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Rest Day

Day 4 Chaumont Add Image

It is freezing cold and here I sit at a picnic table with my teeth chattering as I pound this into the computer. The clouds are about 50 feet off the ground. Well maybe 500 but you get what I mean.

I was up early and had a little 60 minute run. However it was hard as this place is all hills and they are steep. Going down a three block hill was hard it was so steep. Going up wasn’t as hard you just had to grind it out.

I am going to clean my bike and get ready for tomorrows ride.

Curt has found this nice place for supper so I am really looking forward to having a nice meal.

So using my French skills I have found out that McDonald's has an internet connection but I can't seem to load pictures here, even though the signal strenght seems excellent. I know that your are really bummed out over this unfortunate turn of events. So you will just have to look through the internet for imgaes of France or take my word for how beautiful it is. In fact it is so beautiful here I am thinking I may have to give up some of my redneck ideas about foriegn countries.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all your comments.




Anonymous said...

Hi Terry. Sounds like cool weather has been the biggest challenge so far, also donkeys that don't understand redneck. Thanks for tapping out the blog. Keep up the good work.

Ken C.

Agnes said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures when you do find a place to upload them. Thanks for catching us up on your last few days.


Anonymous said...

Go Terry Go!!!! Stay dry and keep going....sounds fantastic already. Cany believe your not filling your self up with coussionts for energy! talk to you soon!!

Tom Erceg said...

So have you learned how to say "French Fry"?

With all the riding you and Jim did last year I'm not at all surprised that you're leading the pack. 100 KM's was a warm-up ride last year! Be safe out there.


Alex E. said...

Hey Terr, glad to hear that while the weather maybe a damper, you spirit and will have not. Have a great "Rest Day" and please say a special hello for me to your ugly sidekick who is also riding with you from Calgary! Stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, nuthin but friggin rain here to!! I hope the Wx gets better,
Cheers, Julian

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for all the great updates and am enjoying your blog.


Anonymous said...

Well it wouldn't be an adventure without some trials and tribulations! Hope the weather gets better through Germany. Stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

TW: Enjoying your blog, but why is it that you always tell me that it's not a race?