Sunday, June 15, 2008

Too beautiful for words

Day 15 Kipfenburg to Regenburg

Too Beautiful For Words:

Maybe that sounds a little trite. However I just don’t know what else to say or how to say it. I know that beauty can be found every where. All you have to do is look around to see it. So what makes this so great? The pathway is great to ride on and even the unpaved sections are easy to ride. Although you do have to take a little extra precautions in the places where there is a lot of lose gravel and the corners. The scenery is spectacular, the weather near perfect for riding, wind not a factor, and there are lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting.

The five of us cruised lazily along stopping at every opportunity to take photos, until lunch which was at the 60 km mark. The lunch stop was fun as the peanut butter/Nutella/whipped cream on bread thing has caught on and everyone was making them and declaring them to be as good as éclairs, and the best part of lunch.

After lunch Jim, Don and I blasted out on a mission, driving hard to the hotel and a rest day in Regansburg. Hitting the hotel clocked a 105.7 kms for the day. Although I haven’t added it up I believe that we are now close to 1100 kms of the total 4000. Regansburg is another medieval town and our hotel is right down in the old part of downtown. The clerk said the hotel was built in 1300. This is a very neat place. We got our tents dried out and were off to do laundry, but being Sunday everything is closed, including Laundromats (go figure). I am looking out the window of our room and there is Curt in the square asking directions to the hotel. It is actually kind of hard to find as you have to go down this little street which is about 6 feet wide to get to it. The hotel is very nice and modern inside.

For supper Clare, Curt, Jim and I went to this German micro-brewery which has been brewing it’s own beer since 1620. It was excellent.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I can hardly wait to explore the town.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for your great comments.

Let Ride.



Agnes said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day. I believe that Alex made the comment that all you seem to be doing is resting . . . it looks to me like all you are doing is cycling from one beer to the next!
Love the photos, add more or an album if you can.



Anonymous said...

Life on the tour: Cycle. Eat. Drink beer. Dry out the tents. Do laundry. Repeat as necessary. It's all good.

We did the Highwood Pass ride on Saturday. Sunny, great scenery, some wildlife. Another good ride.

Keep up the good work Terry.

Ken C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

It's not near as much fun on this side of the pond but everyone is doing well. We will enjoy following your blog and sharing your adventure.