Friday, June 27, 2008

Stolen Wallets

Day 22 Vienna Rest Day
Stolen Wallets
With all the chores out of the way sight seeing was in order. Jim decided to go to Sunday mass in one of the cathedrals to here the choir and the organs. I was off to do the blogs at the internet café and with that done I met Don and we headed down town to see some of the famos Vienna sights. We jumped on thwe metro which stopped right by the hotel and were downtown in a few minutes. The Euro Cup was in town and the main downtown was just crazy. As it was Sunday all the shops were closed. However there were thousands of people wandering around. Don and I did the same looking at all the buildings, and snapping pictures. We found a grocery store, and bought some snacks. Don was feeling pretty beat up so we headed back to the hotel. At the hotel Don realized that his wallet was missing. So we went back to the grocery store but no luck someone had picked his pocket on the metro. Don and I went to the metro office to see if it had been turned in. No luck. Back at the hotel started cancelling his credit cards and bank cards. Someone had already tried to charge 650 euros against his card but it had been refused by Visa. As Don had no money I bought Don some supper.
Don made his final reservations for his flights. Then low and behold his wallet showed up at the metro station but with our the cash and his visa. However all the other cards were there. I lent Don some money for his flight home and said good night as his flight was at 6:00 AM .
Later we learned that Jos had his wallet stolen as well. He went and made a police report as he knew where it was stolen.
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