Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birth Place of Albert Einstien

Sigmaringen to Ulm, June 11, Day 11, 110 km

After last nights down pour we were packing up wet tents again. However the sun is out and with 110 kms it was going to be a long day down the pathways. Don, Jim Curt and Clare and I set off. We were determined to stay together as it is really easy to get lost. We stayed together until Jim’s bike dropped the chain. It only took him 20 seconds to get the chain back on but no one noticed he wasn’t with us and by then we had made 2-3 turns and then he was lost. I rode back to look for him but he had taken an other turn and wound up on the freeway. We had bag lunches so we sat down to eat them and see if Jim turned up.

After about 40 minutes we rode on. When we got to Ehringen we learned from some other riders Jim was about 2 minutes ahead of us. I rode out to try and catch him but to no avail. I then rode back to the town square and picked up Curt Clare and Don. The clouds were menacing again and it wasn’t long before we were in the middle of a torrential down pour. The rain was coming down so hard that there was about and inch on the path. We still had about 30 kms to go and so it was going to be tough finish. The rain let up with about 10 kms to go. However we are in a hotel tonight as tomorrow is a rest day

At the hotel we got a bit of bad news…we had our first causality. Marylyn, a Canadian, had run into the back of a biker and fallen. This is a fairly common low speed accident we have to be very careful to avoid. Her bike fell on her and hurt her leg. Luckily, she was in a town and a support vehicle was able to pick her up and take her to a hospital. X-rays reviled she had broken a bone that would have to be operated on and pinned. She and her husband are packing up and flying back to Toronto. We’ll miss them.

Jim and I dried out tents and did laundry. Don joined us for and excellent supper on the town.

Well thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments.

Wandering down the road.



Whitney said...

Judy-Clare is my Grandma =)

anna retzlaff said...

You are amazing. I love Europe but I could not have enjoyed riding in the rain. I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.