Friday, April 20, 2012

Vancleeve to Dauphin Island April 20 2012

Dauphin Island bridge
Red Neck Palace
Alabama State Line (notice the bullet holes)
The four amigos (Liam, Don, myself, Wallace

It was another 70 mile day today and after a breakfast of granola was off. One of the other riders was eyeing my granola and asked where I got. He seemed really disappointed when I told him I got it at Wal-Mart. I just couldn’t ride another day on frosted mini-wheats.

Liam and I were cruising together most of the morning and were making great time to the first sag. The road was almost dead flat and was a very good surface; however Liam was having trouble with his bike throwing its chain. When we got to the first sag Don and Wallace were there as those two have been setting the race pace the last few days. Wallace when into a bakery to get a cinnamon bun, and Don thought he would play a trick on Wallace and went around the corner. Wallace came out and asked where Don was I said he rode off. Wallace who had two cinnamon buns gave Don’s bun to me and then sat down. After it was obvious Wallace wasn’t going go chasing after Don came out of hiding, but I had eaten his cinnamon bun by then.

After the sag Liam and I rode on to the Alabama state line where there was a lot of riders taking a group picture so we joined in. Wallace and Don came up and the four of us rode on to lunch in Bryan together. Don spotted a high school fund raiser barbeque so we pulled in. It was barbeque chicken which was excellent, on top of which Don insisted on buying! Thank you Don.

After lunch the four of us cruised on down to Dauphin Island. I dropped back as I wanted to take pictures on the giant 4 mile long bridge to the island. There is a three mile cause way and then a huge raised span which allows ships to enter the inland water way. Once on the island the milk shake hunt was on and the four of us sat in a beach café sucking milkshakes and eating ice cream.

When we got to camp we heard the bad news. Ken has been hit by a truck. A delivery truck in its haste clipped Ken with its mirror sending him into the ditch and to the hospital. I am totally heart sick. News filters back that Ken has been discharged and is on his way to camp. He has a cracked scapula which is extremely painful but he is in good spirits and is hoping to ride some every day being that we are so close to finishing. Thankfully he is ok.



Agnes said...

OMG. I had to read the posting 3 times to convince myself that this could only be Ken T. not some other Ken on the trip. Wow . . . I am glad to hear that the injury wasn't super serious, serious enough, and more than what one would want (which is nothing to happen) but its got to be very painful. Give my regards to Ken and wish him speedy recovery. This is why I say . . .ride safe.

Judy said...

Hi Terry, Well, it could have been worse...I'm so thankful that Ken's truck encounter, while VERY scary, was not tragic. He plans to stay with the group even if he's not up to riding. See you soon, Judy

Jim said...

Man, that is really bad news! Hope he is doing okay today, but suspect instead he is really feeling the pain. Good luck to you both and we will be seeing you before too long. Give those truck mirrors plenty of room.

Don said...

I can relate to the pain of crashing. Hope he recovers quickly.
The Canucks are out of the playoffs. Lost 4 games to 1. Be safe.