Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jackson to Franklinton LA April 17 2012

To day was forecast to be a rainy day and it certainly was. The hotel which we were relocated to was actually 11 miles west of the campground so instead of a 72 mile day we had an 83 mile day. I know a lot of people were planning on getting away extra early but Wallace and I felt that it would be far safer to wait until there was full day light rather than risk an early morning departure.

I was out the door and on my bike just after 8:00 which was plenty early even though I was close to the last to leave. The first 10 miles took us back to the bike hostel. I went but pretty quick as I was cruising along with John. The rain was coming down fairly consistently but not real heavy. The rain was quite warm as compared to the rain which I am use to. I had on my rain coat and paddling gloves but no rain pants and it was just perfect. The first sag wasn’t until the 35 mile mark and I stopped to fill my water bottles but didn’t linger. After the sag the rain stopped and I took my coat off and it was perfect riding conditions as the sky was totally overcast. The second sag was at the 45 mile mark and I was getting hungry but the rain had re-started and it was now just hammering down. It look really bad so I figured that there was no waiting this one out so I pulled my coat back on and a shower cap on over my helmet and started off. With 38 miles to go it was going to be a couple of hours of heavy duty pedalling though a down pour.

It did in fact take almost exactly 2 hours. The road was rolling hills though a wooded area with little farms on both sides. It was kind of fun pounding though the puddle. I would have rolled in first today but I stopped twice to fix other riders flats so I wound up third. Not a bad day!

Tonight we are staying in a church which is inside and out of the rain.



Ken C. said...

Terry, about today's photos; the road surveyors must have been from Alberta, as they can only survey straight lines, and, where are the motor vehicles? Looks like a nice place to ride; no traffic. Carry on.

Agnes said...

Today sounded like a more typical cycling day, elsewhere! The last couple days were 'unusual. Saw a great production of Cats tonight, can't wait to see you in Florida.