Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seminole Canyon to Brackettville April 2 2012

I slept right to the 6:30 am alarm this morning. Then quickly got dressed and headed up to breakfast. There I indulged in a bowel of frosted flakes. I was so full I could hardly get on my bike (NOT).

The sun was just peaking over the horizon as I set off however the wind was just howling out of the south east directly into my face. The road was chip and seal and really rough riding. I mean it was so rough everything on the bike rattled, including the fillings in your teeth. These factors meant that the best I could do was about 10 mph up hill and 15 mph down hill. With 70 miles to go (75 when you add the bubba miles – miles which roll on the speedometer but are missed on the cue sheet) I knew it was going to be a long hard grind. When the dust settled on the ride I had averaged 13.5 mph making it a 5:34 ride time day.

While it was a brutishly hard day there were also high lights which made it pretty good day. Bob lost it in the men’s room this morning because there was no toilet paper, which was pretty humorous. Right as I left the park a park of white tail deer ran out in front of me and watched me ride by. Wallace and I rode across this really long bridge over some reservoir which was really rough and scary because of the trucks and horrible wind. Wallace and I went into this barbeque place where I had 0.5 lbs of brisket on a piece of wax paper. It was really yummy. Then just before we pulled into camp Wallace and I pulled into a gas station for a sandwich and then found that they served ice cream. The small bowel of ice cream was a heaping dish which was 4” across and 3” deep for $1.50.

We are staying in Fort Clark Springs which is an old army base which has been turned into a gated community. It has some converted houses, RV Park, and tenting. It is a real garden spot.



Don said...

On the bright side you not setting up and taking down a tent. Looks like the TDA breakfasts were gourmet. Stay safe.

Jim said...

Hey Terry,

We are getting back to a normal life with the house sale being a done deal today...we got the check! What a time consuming adventure this has been, but it is done. Yea!

Speaking of adventures, yours is sounding harrowing with headwinds, dirt, snoring, cornflakes, etc. I must admit that I do thoroughly enjoy reading your first hand accounts and appreciate getting up every morning in a resort community. I am sure you will be a better man, having survived a trip through the armpit of America. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Ken C. said...

Terry, just catching up on a couple of days of blog. 13.5 mph average for 75 bubba miles sounds like a tough day. Add to that the inconsistent sleeps and meals, you're probably looking forward to your next day off. I had to google javelina to find out whether it was a bird or an animal. Hopefully they keep out of your way; could do you some harm if you hit one. Keep up the good work and thanks for the blog.

Earnie said...


Just back from Tasmania and New Zealand and have gotten my taxes off to the accountant, so now I have time to read your blog and see what you have been up to. I have tracked you across the southwest, certainly are taking the backroads across the country! Glad that we are getting those Canadian petro dollars, as Obummer won't let us get your oil!!! I am leaving on the 17th to drive down and ride with Tom and Cynthia for a couple of days before we head over to Safari. We will think of you and Don. Continue to be safe and have fun. I look forward to your continued adventures. My best to Bubba.