Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dauphin Island – Rest Day April 21 2012

Cannon at Fort Gaines

Local Art Fair

Gas Production Platform in Mobil Bay
Florida Soft Shell Turtle

We are having a rest day here in Dauphin Island which is a barrier island in the Mobil Bay. It is mostly beach cottages and long beaches. There is very little in the way of commercial development here. The island is the site of the last major civil war battle at Fort Gaines. In this battle for Mobil Bay, David Farragut uttered the famous words “ Damm the torpedoes full speed ahead”  

The island is also billed as the having the most birds of any place in the US. This is because it is a major wintering grounds for a lot of bird species. I believe it as the calipee at 5:00 am from all of the birds was unbelievable. Even though I was awake early I lay in bed enjoying the luxury of getting to lay in bed.

Although there is very little commercial development I still kept busy. I went to the local aquarium which although small did a great job of highlighting the Mobil Bay estuary. I went for a walk through the historic Fort Gaines. It was rebuilt after the civil war and was in service until the 1930’s. New guns were added and the walls were reinforced. I also went to a local art fair. It highlighted the local artists. I was very impressed with the high quality of the works which were on display.

The clouds and rain are suppose to have cleared out by tomorrow. We start the 88 mile day with a 45 minute ferry ride. The weather for tomorrow is calling for winds out of the North at 20-30 mph. This is going to make the day a challenge.

Early to bed will be the thing.



Agnes said...

Nice laid back rest day . . .How is Ken doing?

Jim said...

Pretty part of the world. Sandra is already off to link up with Agnes and then you. I'll be off in a week. Trust Ken is doing OK.

Ken C. said...

Terry, barrier island in the bay sounds like a nice place for a day off. I hope you enjoyed it. Words to live by: "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."