Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DeFuniak Springs to Marianna Fl April 24 2012

Last night was cold but I don’t think it got below freezing as the camp ground people were saying.  I think it only got to around 40 F.  So I lay in my sleeping bag as long as possible waiting for the sun to warm the tent up. Breakfast was at 7:00 and was being prepared by the campground people so there was no rush.
The ride today was only 67 miles down State Highway #90. This highway parallels Interstate 10 so it isn’t too busy and it has a good shoulder except through the towns where the road has 4 lanes. It is in pretty good shape and compared to a lot of the roads we cycled on in Texas a down right dream to ride on. There were a few small hills so we enjoyed a little bit of climbing and a little bit of downhill.
The big surprise of the day came just after the sag stop at 29 miles. Ken who had been hit by a truck just 4 days ago and has a cracked scapula was getting on his bike. He had sagged out and so the two of us rode off together. Ken rode for 10 miles at a good pace.  It was great to see him on the bike so quickly. Our bike mechanic came along and Ken got in his car. I was totally amazed.

The route took us into the town of DeFuniak Springs where we saw Florida’s oldest library. There was a little lake there which is spring feed and is one of the few completely round spring feed lakes in the world. The road around the lake was lined with stately homes.  It was very idyllic and peaceful setting.

Supper tonight is going to be the over cooked jambalaya from a week ago which is going to be recycled into jambalaya soup.  Fortunately for me, Ken’s wife has shown up and they have a car as it looks like it is time to find substance else where. 
It is hard to believe that we are going to be in St Augustine in 6 more days. It has been a long ride however the end is in sight.  Back to real beds, eating off real plates and everything else we take for granted.



Fran Z said...

Sounds like Bubba might not be getting a repeat customer - when does the 'pampered' part of your trip begin?? Glad you've got a great network of buddies/partners down there to keep you in sustenance!!

Jim said...

Good to see Don is back on the bike...in street cloths no less. Week old jambalaya sounds great, after all it is just leftover parts. You should have a good ride ahead...Florida Bike Safari country.