Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stanford to Seminole Canyon State Park April 1 2012

Last night we were staying in the gym in Stanford high school. I don’t know when I spent a worse night. The lights were turned out at 9:00 pm but people were walking around with head lamps until 10:00 Pm. Some body was snoring so loud it was echoing off the ceiling. Then about 11:00 pm there was some sort of beeping from some alarm. It went on and on. At 11:33 I got up and moved my air mattress and sleeping bag out side. There was a fire escape with a landing so I laid down there. It was under a street lamp but at least it was quiet. I think I got 4 hours of sleep.

It was an 80 mile day and so every one was up early and on the road before sun up. I rolled out at 7:25 Am. The road was chip and seal however the wind was with us for the first 20 miles. At the first sag, which was at the 23 mile mark I had averaged 22 mph, however the wind shifted and we soon fighting a 15-20 mph head wind. I managed to catch Don and Liam at the second sag which was at around the 40 mile mark. So Don and I rode on together. I would lead down one hill and up the next one then it would be Don’s turn to lead a down hill and an up hill. It made the miles go by seeing whether you would get a short hill or a long one. There was one hill after another. It turned out to be 2478 ft of climb. Don and I rolled in second and third. When we got to the campsite it was 86 F. It had to be the hardest day of the tour.

We crossed the Peco’s river today and saw Judge Bean’s Peco Law museum. It was a pretty good day.



Jim said...

Hi, Terry; sounds like you are moving right along. Glad to read that all is going so well. No accidents is good! We went to baseball game yesterday my first pro game. It moved right along and weather was great. Looking forward to seeing you. Sandra

Agnes said...

Bubba's staff need to pitch a tent for you outside every night. Why is the truck in your photo dragging tires behind him? Take it easy and take care, lots of love,