Monday, April 23, 2012

To day was a short day so breakfast wasn’t until 8:00 Am but everyone was up and around by 6:30 Am, including myself. The wind was still blowing from the north and we are headed almost due east so I was glad that it was only 53 miles.

The road was pretty smooth and there was a good shoulder most of the way. In places there was no should but they were short. The wind was mostly out of the north but the wind was really confused. It would be howling into your face one minute and a cross wind the next followed by a tail wind. There we a very little rollers by nothing really. 

I sat around at the sag stop and then went in for a big lunch and was still in by 1:30.  The campsite is quite nice but miles from anything.

We are also expecting cold weather. I had to go dig my fleece out this afternoon. It is forecast to freeze tonight. Hey! This the end of April in Florida it should be in the 80’s.


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Ken C. said...

Terry, Calgary was 25 C today and I went skiing at Lake Louise. Climate change, I guess. Thanks for the pictures and blog. Enjoy your last week on the road.