Thursday, April 5, 2012

Concam to Kerrville April 4 2012

This morning breakfast was late by forty thirty minutes. So there were a lot of upset people. Apparently there was some confusion as to how to plug the toaster in. Don’t ask me that is what I was told. They have two generators with them so I don’t understand. It was supposed to be a 67 mile day so I wasn’t too concerned about the late start. However as usual the mileage on the cue sheet was totally out to lunch and it would up being a 75 mile day. This may not seem like much in car but when you are hot, tired and grinding along at 8-10 mph, the late start and extra distance is really frustrating.

The ride started out down Texas Route 90 which is a larger road. There are quite a few eighteen wheelers on this route and while 90% of them give you a wide berth the few that don’t are really scary. There was now wind until the 16 mile mark when, I passed this one rider who said it was great not having any head wind. Well I went around the next corner and ran straight into that head wind. There was one big climb of about 6% for 1.6 miles which was kind of fun to stretch you legs out on. After that there were a few rollers but nothing serious. At the 30 mile marker we turned onto this little used back road which was a little rough from the chip coat but otherwise really nice. There was a lot more downs than ups in the rollers and eventually we wound up along side the Guadalupe river. The wind died down the road smoothed out and the scenery along the river was great. The tree cover cast shades over the road and it was a very nice ride.

Unbelievably today marks the 50% point in the ride, so Bubba has planned a celebration to mark the occasion. We are having grilled New York strip steaks for supper. We also have tomorrow off as a rest day which is something I have been looking forward to.



Earnie said...


You are riding in the famed Texas Hill Country. HellWeek rides out of Fredericksburg, Texas every March. You should come back and you can have a whole week in that area. Don't know your exact route, but you appear to have gone through Leakey, pronounced Lakey, where the famed Leakey Death Ride goes. Hope you are still having fun, only 50% left!


Ken C. said...

Terry, I can see the changing scenery/vegetation in your photographs. It seems like half the ride is through Texas. Do the heavy winds have to do with the extreme weather (ie: tornadoes)? Keep up the good work!! Have a good Easter weekend!!