Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking across the lake from the campground this morning

Ad for junk yard

View from the bridge across the Chattahoochie River

We did pretty good last night by avoiding the re-boiled jambalaya which was regurgitated as jambalaya soup.  A number of the riders who did not go out to eat were complaining to day of an upset stomach and diarrhea. I had the all you can eat ribs with Don, Liam, Ken and Judy.  After supper we retired to Ken and Judy’s hotel where we enjoyed fried pies which are a Texas treat. Judy had brought them out with here for a treat.
The ride today was only 57 miles down high #90. It is a very smooth highway which is not real busy however it is a four lane highway, so there is fair amount of traffic. You always have to be on your guard. The biggest complaint is that it is not all that scenic. I would have thought that there would be lots of country lanes we could have taken to get off the big highway.  There were a few hills to keep it a interesting, and the tail wind couldn’t be beat.
The last 10 miles I hooked up with Wallace and we found a few big hills which were fun doing some hill sprints on. Wallace can spin at 125+ rpm so he can really climb. I can’t make that kind of speed so I have to rely on putting the bike in a higher gear and pushing through it.
Tonight’s camp which is allegedly the last camping night is in a total dump. It would be hard to find a dumpier place than this one. We are right beside the highway and are camped around a swamp.


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Don said...

Take some pictures of that campground. I would love to see them. You have stayed in some poor places before and if this is the worst there needs to some pictures.
The lake reminds me for Cherry Lake. Ride safe.