Monday, April 16, 2012

Opelousas to Jackson LA April 15 2012

A beautiful lake side ride

Me riding the Mississippi River Bridge

Welcome to our campsite

A table full of Crawdads

To day was billed as a short day even though it was really 68 miles. The big thing for the day was that there was a six mile section where there was a very dangerous causeway which was un-ride-able. This was due to very bad road surface and debris on the causeway surface. So Bubba was going to transport people across the causeway with the sag vehicles. His task is complicated by the fact that one couple insist upon leaving camp 30-45 minutes before sun up. This puts them 2 -3 hours in front of everyone else and puts a huge strain on the entire system and all of the other riders as well.

Ken and I rode out together at 8:00 and headed for the causeway where we were to be transported. It was a great morning with not very much traffic on the Sunday morning. At the 20 mile mark we hit the SAG and jumped on the van and were driven to the other side of the causeway. After unloading we rode on towards the Mississippi River. There was a huge bridge over the wind was just howling as we were a long way up in the air. We stopped and took some pictures and had some fun before continuing on.

The route turned north and for only the second time this trip we had a tail wind. It was absolutely great. Ken and I were just flying along with out even pedaling. We rode past a beautiful lake which had magnificent cottages and mansions all along its shore. The final 48 miles just flew by. The road was smooth and beautiful and the tail wind made riding just great. In no time flat we at our camp ground which was in the yard of a person who had ridden the coast to coast with Bubba in 2010.

The sign on the driveway said welcome however as events later showed we were not. When I got there they were cooking crawdads and had laded out two tables full of cooked crawdads. So you had to just sit down and shell your supper. You broke the head off and peeled the tail. Even the largest crawdad tail had but a couple of grams of meat in the tail. However after about 3 hours of shelling of crawdads I was finally full.

The people who had been cooking the crawdads were some people from the local high school. They had huge pots and propane burners for boiling the crawdads in. They had music playing and the party was started. At about 6:00 pm they had cooked the last of the crawdads and packed up and left. We carried on until about 6:30 when the host came over and told us to shut it down. Some people were still eating and a few people were dancing, I don’t think it was taken seriously at that point. An hour later at 7:30 she is back over yelling and screaming that she is phoning the police. It was hardly what you would call loud. The trucks passing by on the highway which was right there were twice as loud as we were. Bubba shooed us all to bed and tried to calm her down.


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