Sunday, April 29, 2012

Madison Rest Day April 27 2012

Here we are getting ready for the big canoe adventure

Floating down the Suwanee River

 No trip to Live Oak is complete without a stop to fill up here

Today was our last rest day of the tour. There are only three days left and less than 200 miles to ride. The place we are staying is a total dump (it may in fact be the worst of the entire trip) so most of the riders have moved on. They have either ridden the full 80 miles to our next stop or 40 miles down to Live Oak. It looks like there are less than 15 of the 35 riders who have stayed on.  Bubba had organized a canoe trip down the Suwanee River so I stayed on. 
The church retreat yard where we are staying was not sprayed for ants and they have invaded most of the remaining camper’s tents. I had made sure my tent was done up so I did not have very many in my tent last night and only had a few this morning. In the cleaning up process I did get a few fire ant bites on my left hand. The result is that my left hand is extremely swollen up, and quite painful. Of the few remaining campers quite a number have retreated into the church proper. The small church is now packed with campers. I think I have ant proofed my tent so I am staying out side.
The canoe ride was out of the music festival park in Live Oak so Bubba drove the riders and staff who were going down the 40 miles.  Several of us got in canoes and some people got into kayaks. The river was extremely low so the banks were very steep and the limestone along the banks was exposed. I have never seen the Suwanee River so low. In a lot of places there was only 10-15 inches of water.  The last time Don O and I rode the Florida Bike Safari the river was out of its banks and had flooded across the roads in a lot of places. It was a very beautiful trip. The trees over hang the river and the Spanish moss is hanging off all of the huge old oak trees. It was very peaceful and quiet on the river the only sounds were the birds singing. It was a wonderful trip. 
Of course no trip to Live Oak would be complete without a trip to the Dixie Grill so we stopped in there for a late lunch after the bike ride. I had the ham steak and for desert the coconut cream pie. It was a great lunch. 
I got my bike cleaned and am ready for the final push in to St Augustine.

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