Sunday, April 29, 2012

High Springs to Palatka April 29 2012

Cruising the bike path

Wallace giving Don a riding lesson

Follow the arrows to camp

I was on the road by 7:50 Am this morning and it was already 700F. The sky was clear and it was looking like it was going to be a cooker. In the mean time the thing to do was to get some miles on before that happened. 

The first 30 miles rolled by before I knew it and I was at the first sag stop. There I picked up Don and Wallace. After the sag stop we turned on to a rails to trails bike path. It was really nice being off the highway. The trees were over grown the path and provided a lot of shade. So it was cool and the miles just clicked by. Before I knew it we were down at the second sag stop which was at the 50 mile mark at the end of the bike trail.  Ken had ridden the bike path and had checked out the local restaurants and recommended the Chinese place. So Wallace and I joined him for lunch. It was excellent.

After lunch Wallace and I go out there to do the final 30 miles which actually turned in to 35 and we found that the wind had come up and was now in our face. So we got together and took turns pulling into the wind. It was mostly down a busy highway. There wasn’t much to see and it was simply a matter of getting it done. I was feeling strong to day and Wallace was glad to have me with him as he has been suffering from some sort of stomach flu for the last few days.

Tomorrow is our final leg into St Augustine and is only 40 miles. I think there are a lot of people who are glad we are nearly done.



Jana said...

Hi Terry,

I'm Ken's sister-in-law. I have enjoyed your daily updates of the coast to coast ride. I will miss following you and the others on your journey.


Josie said...

Hi Terry,

I am Don's sister in law! Also have to say thank you for the updates of your cross country cycle tour. It was neat to read about all the highlights of the trip. I can tell you that my sister Judy will be very happy to have her husband back!

Thanks again,

Agnes said...

One more day. . . I can hardly wait. Sandra and I have had a great visit in Leoti KS. Thank you Vic and Deb. We fly to Orlando tomorrow and meet Jim. We will pick you up Tuesday. I am extremely happy this ride will be over. How sad that a premium priced ride billed as a 'pampered' trip has turned into an ugly endurance test.

One more time. . Ride safe.

Bill said...

Have been following your blog from day three and will miss reading about your exploits. Have searched in vain for a smartass coment to leave but must be losing my touch, the only thing i can think of is, isn't it time you learned to swim so you could try a cross channel swim or an ironman? Looking forward to seeing you, NASCAR has been boring.

Anonymous said...

hey Terry,
Sorry i have not been more deligent in following your blog. been crazy around here. Congrats on finishing. will catch up when you get home!