Monday, April 16, 2012

Jackson – A day off April 16 2012

Louisianna State Pen

A historic Rail car now an antique shop

Audubon Historical sign

Oakly Plantation Home (the richest plantation home in Louisianna in 1805 when completed)
I lay in bed until just before 8:00 Am. Our camp ground had but one toilet which was inside the bunkhouse which had been given to two of the women on the tour who have been complaining about the lack of facilities. So I thought that by waiting until later I would not have to barge into their sleeping quarters.

When I got over there I found that everyone was busy packing up. We had been evicted! Cereal was out so get a quick bowl of flakes and get ready to ride were the orders. The first stop was to be the Audubon State Historical Site. I gobbled a bowl of flakes and a glass of orange juice and ran back to my tent to change into cycling gear and pack up.

The Audubon State Historical Site is on the Oakly Plantation which was stated in 1795 and was in the family until the in 1950’s when it was acquired by the state of Louisiana. It was on this plantation which Audubon did a lot of his famous wild life paintings. He had been hired as a tutor for the family children and to do family portraits. In his spare time he did the famous bird pictures which we are all familiar.

While doing the tour there was a tremendous crack of thunder and Ken said to me we better head back to the office and get ready to ride. Before we got to the office it started to come down but Ken said its ok this will last for 15 minutes before the big dump so we can wait then we have to go. Sure enough 15 minutes later it slowed so Ken and I jumped on our bikes and hit the road. It was 4 miles down to the motel where Bubba was putting us for the night. The first mile or so it was raining and the road was wet enough to dampen our shoes. Just as we cruised into the driveway of the motel the first big drops started. As we got off our bikes it broke lose.

Thrown out of a place with no toilets and one outside shower, with rain on the way and in tents which are very poorly suited for foul weather into a very nice motel, I guess things could be worse.



Ken C. said...

Terry, strange hospitality the last couple of days. Tail wind sounds good; perhaps more to come. Enjoy the adventure. Thanks for the blog.

Jim said...

Terry, it is sounding like your memorable adventures are off the bike. I too found craw dads a lot of work for little reward. We must be spoiled. Don't forget that you are in the land of "if it ain't brown and fried, it ain't food". I can't imagine what would have gotten you all evicted from a camp ground...except you all are a bunch of strange talking aliens.

Ha. Keep up the good work.