Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 31 2014 Memphis MI to West Elgin On

I was out and on my bike early today. I was on the road by 6:50 which is about 15-20 minutes earlier than usual.  It was good getting away those few minutes earlier as I was able to cover a lot of ground before the local traffic in the town started to move. 

The road out of Memphis was really rough. There was no shoulder and the right hand wheel track was extremely broken. I kind of reminded me of the roads in Romania.  In fact they were so rough that they vibrated the screw out of one arm of my glasses.  This terrible road lasted about 10 miles and then when I crossed this major road there was some new pavement. 

The route took down to the St Lawrence River at a little place called Marine Bay where there was a ferry which took me across to Canada. The fee was only $1.00 for bikes which was a great deal.  They sure didn’t make any money taking me across. 

Dan the router had been across yesterday so Canadian customs knew we were coming so it took only a couple of minutes to clear customs.  After customs the ride was pretty much straight down this perfectly flat straight road for 60 miles.  This took me past lush green farms of corn, beans, and Christmas trees.  It was pretty uneventful. There was a slight tail wind which helped and I managed to get in quite early.

The school in West Elgin where we are staying has a most unusual shower system in that they are either all on or all off.  The shut off value is located out side the locker room so you have to get someone to turn on the water for you, and to conserve water you have to have a minimum of four others.  Kind of give new meaning to the shower with a friend phrase.



Anonymous said...

West Lorne is the name of the town, West Elgin is the name of the School, Elgin County

Anonymous said...

St. Clair River, not Sr Lawrence!