Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aug 6 2014 Seneca Falls to Oswego NY

Last nights supper was terrible. Tasteless pulled pork which had not been drained on an extremely cheap bun, Mashed potatoes which had some sort of hard lumps in them ( I suspect that the lumps were under cooked potatoes which had been added to some sort of instant mashed potatoes) and un-drained broccoli which had been boiled to mush.   Of course I forgot the rusty lettuce salad.  The rule is that if supper is poor breakfast will be worse and it was.  The coffee was so weak it looked like tea. No toaster, no ham , no bacon, no sausages.  Some sort of egg quiche and oat meal.    However the surly service was probably the topper.

The ride was suppose to be 79 miles however there was a turn onto West Gully Road at 30.9 miles  which was kind of a bear left onto a what looked like a lane.  As it was only a “bear” instead of turn there was only 1 arrow. I came over the top of the hill hard and charged down the back side of the hill and missed the single arrow (I guess a lot of others did as well).  I got down about 3.5 miles and realized I was off course so I turned around. Only 3.5 miles and three very steep hills to climb, not so bad but then it started to rain.  Ken C realized I had missed the turn and phoned Greg who dispatched Ed “Wrong Way Bob” to find me.  Ed found me about 0.5 miles from the turn.   Ok that little episode only cost me about 45 minutes.  Then just be for picnic there was a second bear left at this “Y” intersection. The main road continued to the right and the arrow pointed more to the right than left so I went right.  About 3 miles down the road I am on a highway headed west so wrong again.  

Ken C is patiently waiting a picnic when I did get in so I quickly grabbed a sandwich put it in a baggie and we rolled.  When we get to second water there is only one water cooler.  Strange as there is usually two.  When we get into camp we find out than someone cut Greg’s padlock and stole one cooler.

Cher from Texas also had a tough day.  Hers started out with a big dog barking right behind her which scared her half to death.  She threatened me with marshmallow cream in my shoes.   Then just after second water her rear shifter broke and so they waited for the sag wagon to come but gave up after a couple of hours and rode in with no rear shifter. 

The weather has turned sunny so I am hopping for a couple of nice days.  I was good to get in and get stuff dried out. 


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